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Features for Golf Clubs

Maximise golfer satisfaction, optimise resource allocation and elevate your golf club's reputation with Golf Caddies' intelligent caddy ratings, seamless bookings and performance insights.

Attract more rounds

Golf Caddies opens the door to a global pool of golf enthusiasts. Connect with golfers seeking personalised experiences and the opportunity to engage with their preferred caddies. Increase bookings, attract more rounds, and solidify your position as a premier golfing destination.

Strengthen Loyalty

Golf Caddies empowers golfers to build personal connections with caddies, fostering loyalty and repeat business. By providing a seamless booking experience and facilitating direct communication, you can ensure golfers choose your club as their preferred destination.

Performance Insights

Golf Caddies leverages the power of data analytics to deliver exceptional value to golf clubs. Assess the performance of caddies, gather customer feedback, and track key performance indicators. This information provides insights into caddy effectiveness, customer satisfaction levels, and areas for improvement.

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